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Aluminum Melting Furnaces

Aluminum Melting Furnaces

3 Billion pounds of aluminum. That’s the annual melting capacity of the installed base of Modern Equipment Jet Melters® installed in the past 30 years. Our customers trust us to provide a dependable supply of high quality metal at the lowest total cost per pound. We deliver on the promise day after day. System by system. Pound after dependable pound. Put our decades worth of foundry service and experience to work for you.

Trust the dependable leader in Stack Melter technology. thinkmodern.


We take pride in our performance – for you. When you replace a primitive reverb furnace with a Modern Jet Melter®, you’ll reduce your melt losses by up to 80%. That’s a bankable profit on raw materials. You’ll increase your energy efficiency by 50% or more while producing a higher quality end product. Dramatically Improved Profits.

Convert from a reverb to a Jet Melter® today. thinkmodern.

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Micro Jet Melters (MJM) with Charging System

The Most Widely Recognized Name in Aluminum Stack Melting

High Efficiency Aluminum Melting

Ingot and scrap are charged into the stack section of the furnace. Charge materials are preheated by utilizing the flue gases directed through the stack. Heat recovery and energy savings are achieved by utilizing this method of preheating. The melt burner at the bottom of the stack completes the melting process. The molten aluminum flows into the bath section, where it is held at the desired metal temperature. The aluminum is then dipped, tapped or pumped out of the standard well section on the side of the holding bath section.

  • High energy efficiency – 1,000 BTU per ...
Modern Jet Melters - AL Series

Modern Jet Melters - AL Series

High Efficiency Aluminum Melting
Leading the Industry in Tower Melt Technology
End Dump Bucket Charging System 4

Modern End Dump Bucket Charging System

Performance - Safety - Reliability

  • Fully automated charging of scrap and ingot.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Capacities to 1200 pounds per charge and 8000 pounds per hour.
  • Delivered fully assembled.
  • Interlocked access gate assures added safety during charger operation.
  • Integrated control system provides “on- demand” charging.
  • Hydraulic operation for smooth and reliable operation.
  • System includes nonflammable fluid.
Automated Bucket Conveying System

Modern Automated Bucket Conveying System

Automated Bucket Conveying Features
  • The system automatically delivers full buckets of scrap/ingot to the furnace charger, assuring steady production and maximizing efficiency.
  • Multiple buckets are staged to match the furnace melt rate.
  • Manpower is reduced - an hours production can be staged in a few minutes.
  • Reduced material handling – buckets can be placed at trim machines for easy collection of drop-offs and scrap.
  • Bucket conveyor can be integrated with an automatic scrap return system.
  • Automated bucket conveying system includes all controls and interlocks for communication with the melt furnace PLC.