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Modern End Dump Bucket Charging System

Performance - Safety - Reliability

  • Fully automated charging of scrap and ingot.
  • Heavy duty construction.
  • Capacities to 1200 pounds per charge and 8000 pounds per hour.
  • Delivered fully assembled.
  • Interlocked access gate assures added safety during charger operation.
  • Integrated control system provides “on- demand” charging.
  • Hydraulic operation for smooth and reliable operation.
  • System includes nonflammable fluid.


Maximum Capacity

8000 lb/hr
1200 lb/charge

System Operation

  1. Scrap & Ingot is loaded into the supplied bucket(s).
  2. Charger gate is opened and the full bucket is rolled into charger frame where engages with lifting forks.
  3. Operator closes/latches access gate and initiates the charge ready push button.
  4. Charger controls are interfaced with the melt system PLC to automatically initiate charging mode when the melt shaft “low level” photo eyes signal space for another charge.
  5. The loaded bucket is lifted vertically along the guide track, the melter cover opens and the bucket is hydraulically tilted to dispense the material in the melt shaft.
  6. The empty bucket automatically returns to the floor position while the melter cover is closing.
  7. The empty bucket is replaced with a full one and is now at ready for the next cycle.
  8. All functions incorporate position limit switches for control interface and safety.


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