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Modern Jet Melters - AL Series

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High Efficiency Aluminum Melting
Leading the Industry in Tower Melt Technology

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Item # Melt Rate Capacity Dimension A Dimension B Dimension C Energy Efficiency

AL-10001,000 lb/hr1,000 lb/hr18 ft 4 in16 ft 10 in17 ft 0 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-15001,500 lb/hr1,500 lb/hr18 ft 4 in16 ft 10 in17 ft 4 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-20002,000 lb/hr5,000 lb18 ft 9 in18 ft 11 in17 ft 5 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-25002,500 lb/hr6,250 lb18 ft 9 in19 ft 8 in18 ft 3 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-30003,000 lb/hr7,550 lb18 ft 9 in20 ft 5 in19 ft 1 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-35003,500 lb/hr8,750 lb18 ft 9 in21 ft 2 in19 ft 11 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-40004,000 lb/hr10,000 lb18 ft 9 in21 ft 11 in20 ft 9 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-50005,000 lb/hr12,500 lb19 ft 3 in25 ft 11 in20 ft 10 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-60006,000 lb/hr15,000 lb19 ft 3 in27 ft 5 in22 ft 5 in1,000 Btu/lb

AL-80008,000 lb/hr20,000 lbN/AN/AN/AN/A

JM-1000010,000 lb/hr25,000 lbN/AN/AN/AN/A

JM-1200012,000 lb/hr12,000 lb/hrN/AN/AN/AN/A

JM-1500015,000 lb/hr37,500 lbN/AN/AN/AN/A

JM-1700017,000 lb/hr40,000 lbN/AN/AN/AN/A