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Series 1189 Mod-Tundish Ladle

The Most Efficient, Economical Pour-Over Inoculation System Developed

The Mod-Tundish® Ductile Iron Treatment Ladle is industry-proven to minimize heat loss, provide uniform treatment, and minimize magnesium fuming with maximum recovery. A full outside teapot spout permits receiving, faster pour-out, and minimizes tramp inclusions in treated metal. Also, it’s ideal as a distribution ladle - minmizing temperature loss.

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Maximum Recovery, Minimum Escape of Magnesium Fumes


Type of Gearing



500 to 8000 lb

Side Lining

2-1/2 to 4-1/2 in

Bottom Lining

4 to 7 in (Split Bottom Design Available)

Free Top Space

14 to 20 in

Dimension H

24 to 49 in

Dimension J

31 to 63 in

Dimension K

20-1/2 to 42 in

Dimension L

10-7/8 to 19-1/2 in

Dimension M

47-1/2 to 89-1/2 in

Dimension N

19-1/8 to 36 in

Dimension O

50 to 93 in

Dimension P

68-1/2 to 125 in

Dimension Q

17-1/2 to 34 in

Dimension R

18-1/2 to 32 in

Dimension S

27 to 52 in

Dimension T

28-1/2 to 58-1/2 in

Dimension V

5-1/2 to 20 in

Dimension W

5-3/4 to 16-1/4 in

Dimension X

5 to 20-1/4 in

Dimension Y

27-1/2 to 60 in


Dimensions as listed are approximate and may vary with application.

All-steel fabricated sectionalized lining forms are available for Mod-Tundish® ladles.

This treatment ladle is manufactured under U.S. Patent No. 4,509,979

Select split bottom design for easse of maintenance


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Series 1189 Mod-Tundish Ladle with Series-1189-6-14
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