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Series 1160 Open, Straight-Sided Ladles

Quick Detachable Teapot Spouts

Geared, teapot ladle with quick detachable spout.

Ladles with teapot spouts, as used most commonly by steel foundaries, pour clean, hot metal through the lower opening of the spout while slag is held back. Applications cn;e not restricted to either distributing or poming. Teapot ladles are used for catching the metal transferring and pouring directly into the molds.

In the quick-detachable design, shown at the right, the lower portion of the spout is fixed to the ladle. The remaining, upper portion of the spout is removable in sections. Removing a few bolts releases the spout sections for easy handling while lining is being repaired or renewed. Lining in the bowl is not distributed when spouts are re-lined.

The trunnions are fixed to the heavy shank ring which runs around the ladle shell and continues around the spout. At the ring section the spout is not removable.

Trunnion locations are engineered for connect balance to meet operating conditions. When ordering specify linings to be used.

Sizes starting at 26’’ and 1,000 lbs iron.



26 to 58 in


1,000 to 20,000 lb


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Series 1160 Covered, Tapered Ladles with Series-1160-6-14
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