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Series 1090 Geared, Open Tapered Ladles

Geared open tapered ladle with double pouring lips.

These open ladles have double lips for pouring either left or right as mold and sprue locations may require. Worm and worm wheel gearings reduce the operator’s work to a minimum. Various size hand wheels are available to meet conditions in varying foundry practice. Geared ladles maintain minute control over metal release and cut-off at the molds. Ladle tilting torque is effectively transmitted from the gearing to trunnion stubs and shank ring to minimize bowl distortion and lengthen ladle life. Open ladles are typically furnished with a heat shield fixed to the underside of the bail to aid in deflecting heat away from the crane hook eye and hoist hook. Trunnion housings effectively guard the anti-friction bearings guard against foundry dust, slag, and shot sparks.

Tapered Bowls afford maximum clearance between ladle and mold where molds are set-up closely together in congested areas.

Straight sided ladle bowls are also available, offering slightly higher capacities over tapered designs without changing the overall dimensions of the ladle shell.



15 to 80 in


300 to 50,000 lb

Detailed Features

  1. Trunnion housings fully enclose the anti-friction trunnion bearings.
  2. Gear housings are supported on both sides of the worm wheel, relieving the gearing of all weight bearing.
  3. Hand wheel shaft operates on anti-friction bearings.
  4. Sizes starting at 15” and 300 lbs iron.


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Series 1090 Covered, Tapered Ladles with Series-1090-6-14
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