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Series 1010 Tapered Open Ladles

No.1 Type (Lever) Shanks.

Open tapered ladle with No. 1 type lever shank, roller bearing trunnions and detachable bail.

Series 1010, open ladles are commonly used for pouring light and medium weight castings. Pouring lips on both sides permit alternate, right and left hand pouring. The action, with No.I shank, is direct, fast and sensitive under the positive control of the operator.

A major advantage of the tapered ladle is the gaining of maximum clearance between ladle and mold where molds are set up closely together. Also the tapered design facilitates removal of the lining.

Detachable bail construction quickly releases the ladle for relining and preheating. Also, this detachable feature permits quick interchange ability with spare ladles.

As an aid in deflecting heat away from the operator a light-weight, metal shield is fitted inside the bail frame. When a crane hook eye is required for use with a chain hoist or crane, this crane hook eye must be specified.



11 to 19 in


100 to 600 lb

Detailed Features

  1. Hook-type, detachable bail.
  2. Furnished with plain or roller bearing trunnions as specified in table below.
  3. Ladle lock securely holds the unit in up-right position while in transit.
  4. All-welded construction insures maximum life and low-cost operation.
  5. Size starting at 11’’ and 100 lbs iron.


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Series 1010 Covered, Tapered Ladles with Series-1010-6-14
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