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Series 1000 Covered, Tapered Ladles

No.1 Type (Lever) Shanks.

Covered tapered ladle with No. 1 type lever shank and detachable ball.

Series 1000 ladles, with number 1 shanks, are recommended for pouring small castings. When these ladles are used in combination with MODERN Pouring Devices a highly efficient, one-man operation is realized. When crane hook eye is desired for use with chain hoist or crane, the crane hook eye must be specified.

Detachable bail construction quickly releases the ladle for relining and preheating. Also this detachable feature permits quick interchange ability with spare ladles.

Savings effected through the delivery of hotter metal quickly offset the small, additional investment in ladles of covered design. Rear stop prevents ladle from tipping back when cover is in open position. Covers, which help to deflect heat away from the operator, may be readily removed to facilitate lining of both covers and bowls. Covers are shipped complete with refractory lining fully installed. Shell lining is to be furnished and in stalled by the user.



11 to 19 in


100 to 600 lb

Detailed Features

  1. Hook-type, detachable bail with lock and rear stop.
  2. Trunnion housings, with grease fittings, enclose the anti-friction bearings.
  3. Detachable, pull-back cover quickly removed for relining operations.
  4. Ladle lock securely holds the unit in up right position while in transit.
  5. All-welded construction insures maximum life in low-cost operation.
  6. Sizes starting at 11’’ and 100 lbs iron.


Also available with raised fork shank handle.


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