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Fluid Powered Pouring Device

Model HDC (Hydraulic Pouring Device)

Let Hydraulics Help The Pouring
Transports molten metal in a ladle from the melter to the molds, on or off synchronized conveyor lines or pallets. Traverses by trolley on a monorail or crane. Lifts and lowers hydraulically with electric push button control.



7 fpm


3000 lb


48 in


  1. Pushbotton control,coil-cord mounted.
  2. Full-length hydraulic lift travel.
  3. Self-contained battery power pack.
  4. Plug-in auto-recharger.
  5. Heavy-duty batteries.
  6. Control mode.
  7. Safety top hook.
  8. Simple, compact design.


  1. For fingertip-easy and smooth hydraulic lifting of ladle loads up to 3,000 lbs., at speeds up to 7 fpm.
  2. Tailored to your specifications,up to 48’’.
  3. Eliminates costly pick up lines.
  4. For optimum battery charging convenience.
  5. Deliver up to 16 hours of full-lift cycles at the rate of one lift cycle every six minutes.
  6. Power-up, power down, normal down via gravity (for minimum energy consumption).Power down for ladle detachment.
  7. Large hook with heavy cross-section for maximum security to trolley.
  8. A minimum of operating parts for reduced maintenance.

Optional Equipment

Battery charger 24 VDC operates on 115 VAC input


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Model HDC with Model 'HDC'_6-14
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