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Inert Gas Generators

Inert Gas Generators
Gas Atmospheres is known throughout the world as a leading manufacturer of exothermic atmosphere generating equipment. Founded in 1947, Gas Atmospheres originally supplied inert gas generators to the heat-treating industry. Over the years, Gas Atmospheres has grown in types of inert gas generating systems manufactured and in the number of markets served including, petrochemical and chemical processing, industrial, agricultural, food processing, and aseptic packaging. Our product mix includes equipment designed for generating rich and lean exothermic gas, and is complemented with gas cooling, drying, and purifying components.

Gas Atmospheres continues to maintain a leadership position in the metals industry. At the same time, we are expanding to new markets. Our design and fabricating expertise allows us to provide a "packaged" inert gas generating system engineered to meet your particular operating parameters. When your operations require a specific atmosphere, you may be confident of consistent, high-quality performance from Gas Atmospheres equipment.

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XHS Inert Atmosphere Generator

Heat Recovery Model XHS Inert Atmosphere Generators

Gas Atmospheres Model XHS Inert Gas Generators are uniquely practical in design. The combination of a Scotch Marine type boiler with our combustion system, plus many Gas Atmospheres advances, provides automatic, continuous system operation.

The Model XHS generator efficiently recovers 80% of BTU input as steam or hot water. To do this, the standard water cooled combustion chamber is replaced with a commercially available fire-tube boiler. This economical heat recovery cuts the cost of generating inert atmosphere as much as 50%.

Boiler design pressures are available in 15 to 150 PSIG - all ASME code stamped.

Cooling water is reduced by more than 50% and considerable floor space can be saved by utilizing our heat recovery ...

XL Annealing Atmosphere Generator

Rich Exothermic Model XL Annealing Atmosphere Generators

Gas Atmospheres Model XL annealing atmosphere generators have been proven in use in many applications where metal heating processes require a rich exothermic atmosphere.

They are designed to produce combustibles ranging from 11% to 22% from a variety of gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

Typical applications include:

  • Bright annealing of low carbon steel
  • Clean annealing of silicone steels
  • Annealing of tin plate
  • Brazing of dissimilar metals onto low carbon steels
  • Reduction of surface oxides on metals
These Gas Atmospheres annealing atmosphere generators are completely piped, wired and assembled in a "packaged" unit, providing ease of installation and maintenance.

The standard design employs a shell and ...

XH Inert Atmosphere Generator

Lean Exothermic Model XH Inert Atmosphere Generators

Gas Atmospheres inert gas generators are completely piped, wired and assembled in a “packaged” unit, providing ease of installation and maintenance. The two-pass combustion chamber with a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, provides effective cooling to within 15° F (7° C) of the cooling water temperature. Stainless steel, Type 304, is utilized in construction of the firing chamber, return flue tubes and tube sheets to provide maximum equipment life.

Safety controls are provided for automatic shutdown in event of utility failure.

In addition to the standard features...Gas Atmospheres will design and engineer equipment to suit specific applications.

Specifications on standard models are available upon ...

Refrigerant Gas Dryer Option

Refrigerant Gas Dryer Option (Model R)

Model R Refiigerant Gas dryers condense and remove water vapor fiom the product gas stream Gas is cooled from a 100 °F. inlet temperature to a 40 °F. outlet temperature. We fabricate our own gas-tight steel chamber and equip it with the finest refrigeration equipment available. Units are assembled on a structural base frame and are complete with the necessary automatic controls.

Many operations have specific requirements which can be incorporated into the generator design and supplied as necessary. You are not limited by strict product line. Lets explore the options.