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Heat Recovery Model XHS Inert Atmosphere Generators

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Gas Atmospheres Model XHS Inert Gas Generators are uniquely practical in design. The combination of a Scotch Marine type boiler with our combustion system, plus many Gas Atmospheres advances, provides automatic, continuous system operation.

The Model XHS generator efficiently recovers 80% of BTU input as steam or hot water. To do this, the standard water cooled combustion chamber is replaced with a commercially available fire-tube boiler. This economical heat recovery cuts the cost of generating inert atmosphere as much as 50%.

Boiler design pressures are available in 15 to 150 PSIG - all ASME code stamped.

Cooling water is reduced by more than 50% and considerable floor space can be saved by utilizing our heat recovery unit.

The "PACKAGED" concept offers easy access to all components. Safety controls protect the operator, as well as the process and automatically shutdown the unit in event of utility failure.

Gas Atmospheres provides efficient, single-source responsibility. ALL engineering and assembly is performed in the Gas Atmospheres plant, under direct supervision of experienced personnel.

Gas Atmospheres Model XHS generators can be incorporated into your existing steam or hot water systems ... or operated independently, for heating process tanks, for space heating, or for operation of steam turbines and pumps. Standard features of the packaged boiler include:

  • ASME Code safety relief valve.
  • Complete water column control
  • High pressure limit switch
  • One quick and one slow-opening blowdown valves.
  • UV flame detector
  • Cooling water flow switch
  • Fuel pressure switches
  • Steam pressure gauge
  • Low water level cut-off
  • Surface blowoff dip tube
  • Fused disconnect interlocked to panel door
In addition to the standard features, the following auxiliary equipment is available:
  • Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and Combustible Analyzers
  • Local and remote annunciators
  • Catalyst purifiers to reduce oxygen or combustibles
  • Feedwater regulation and control

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Item # Inert Gas Steam Produced Fuel Boiler Feedwater Fresh Water Power

XHS-6006000 SCFH550 PPH696 CFH66 GPH12 GPH2.5 kW·h

XHS-8008000 SCFH736 PPH930 CFH88 GPH16 GPH4.1 kW·h

XHS-100010000 SCFH918 PPH1160 CFH110 GPH18 GPH5.7 kW·h

XHS-120012000 SCFH1100 PPH1392 CFH132 GPH20 GPH6.6 kW·h

XHS-150015000 SCFH1377 PPH1740 CFH165 GPH23 GPH7.5 kW·h

XHS-200020000 SCFH1836 PPH2320 CFH220 GPH30 GPH7.5 kW·h

XHS-250025000 SCFH2294 PPH2900 CFH275 GPH37 GPH12.0 kW·h

XHS-300030000 SCFH2754 PPH3480 CFH330 GPH44 GPH12.0 kW·h

XHS-400040000 SCFH3680 PPH4651 CFH441 GPH60 GPH15.0 kW·h