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Rich Exothermic Model XL Annealing Atmosphere Generators

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Gas Atmospheres Model XL annealing atmosphere generators have been proven in use in many applications where metal heating processes require a rich exothermic atmosphere.

They are designed to produce combustibles ranging from 11% to 22% from a variety of gaseous hydrocarbon fuels.

Typical applications include:

  • Bright annealing of low carbon steel
  • Clean annealing of silicone steels
  • Annealing of tin plate
  • Brazing of dissimilar metals onto low carbon steels
  • Reduction of surface oxides on metals
These Gas Atmospheres annealing atmosphere generators are completely piped, wired and assembled in a "packaged" unit, providing ease of installation and maintenance.

The standard design employs a shell and tube heat exchanger to reduce the product gas temperature to approximately 15 °F above the available cooling water temperature.

A nozzle-mix burner system is supplied, with ceramic fiber refractory lining. The thermal shock of frequent start-ups and shutdowns will not shorten the life of this lining.

The generator can be producing a full reducing atmosphere in less than 10 minutes. This shortened start-up not only increases production operating time, but also saves utility cost for fuel, power and water.

The Gas Atmospheres unique burner design also provides desired gas analysis without the use of expensive catalyst.

Safety controls are provided for automatic shutdown in the event of utility failure.

Detailed specifications for standard models are available on request. In addition to standard units. Gas Atmospheres will design and engineer equipment to suit specific applications.

Standard features include:

  • Ceramic fiber lined
  • Automatic switchover to low ratio operation when chamber reaches proper operating temperature.
  • Thermocouple interlocked with flame scanner to prevent low ratio operation if chamber is not at operating temperature
  • Timed purge prior to ignition with "SAFE START" indicator.
  • Product gas relief regulator.
  • Ultraviolet flame scanner.
  • Low air flow switch.
  • Low, High and Fuel pressure switches.
  • Water flow switch.
  • Fused interlocking door disconnect.
  • NEMA-12 electrical enclosure with NEMA-1 components.
  • Unit is piped and wired as a package.
Auxiliary equipment include:
  • Oxygen and combustibles analyzers
  • Refrigerant and Dessicant gas dryers.

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Item # Capacity Power Water Natural Gas Length Width

XL-50500 SCFH.6 kW·h4 GPM80 GPM4 ft 11 in2 ft 6 in

XL-1001000 SCFH.6 kW·h8 GPM160 GPM7 ft 8 in3 ft 6 in

XL-2002000 SCFH1.1 kW·h16 GPM320 GPM8 ft 7 in3 ft 10 in

XL-3003000 SCFH1.1 kW·h24 GPM480 GPM10 ft 6 in4 ft 2 in

XL-4004000 SCFH1.5 kW·h32 GPM640 GPM10 ft 10 in4 ft 1 in

XL-6006000 SCFH2.3 kW·h48 GPM960 GPM11 ft 0 in5 ft 5 in

XL-8008000 SCFH2.3 kW·h64 GPM1,280 GPM11 ft 6 in5 ft 6 in

XL-100010000 SCFH3.7 kW·h80 GPM1,600 GPM12 ft 11 in6 ft 0 in

XL-150015000 SCFH5.6 kW·h120 GPM2,400 GPM17 ft 0 in6 ft 0 in

XL-200020000 SCFH5.6 kW·h160 GPM3,200 GPM20 ft 9 in8 ft 6 in