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Lean Exothermic Model XH Inert Atmosphere Generators

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Gas Atmospheres inert gas generators are completely piped, wired and assembled in a “packaged” unit, providing ease of installation and maintenance. The two-pass combustion chamber with a shell-and-tube heat exchanger, provides effective cooling to within 15° F (7° C) of the cooling water temperature. Stainless steel, Type 304, is utilized in construction of the firing chamber, return flue tubes and tube sheets to provide maximum equipment life.

Safety controls are provided for automatic shutdown in event of utility failure.

In addition to the standard features...Gas Atmospheres will design and engineer equipment to suit specific applications.

Specifications on standard models are available upon request.

Use of the inert gas generators include:

  • Purging & blanketing of storage tanks
  • Inert gas packaging of foods
  • Bright annealing of non-ferrous alloys
  • Preventive insect or rodent attack in silos
  • Processing requiring LOW OXYGEN in gas.
Gas Atmospheres inert gas generators feature:
  • Fused interlocking door disconnect
  • Water flow switch
  • Ultra-violet flame scanner
  • Low & High & fuel pressure switches
  • Product gas relief regulator
  • Unit-piped and wired as a package
  • NEMA-12 electrical enclosure with NEMA-1 components
  • Timed purge prior to ignition with “SAFE START” indicator
In addition to the standard features, the following auxiliary equipment is available:
  • Oxygen and combustibles analyzers
  • Refrigerant
  • Heat recovery - Steam or hot water
  • Catalyst purifier to reduce oxygen to less than 10 PPM.

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Item # Capacity Natural Gas Propane Power Water Length

XH-1001000 SCFH116 CFH46 CFH1.6 kW·h9 GPM10 ft 6 in

XH-2002000 SCFH232 CFH92 CFH2.1 kW·h18 GPM10 ft 6 in

XH-3003000 SCFH348 CFH138 CFH2.1 kW·h27 GPM10 ft 6 in

XH-4004000 SCFH464 CFH184 CFH2.5 kW·h34 GPM10 ft 6 in

XH-6006000 SCFH696 CFH276 CFH3.2 kW·h54 GPM11 ft 0 in

XH-8008000 SCFH928 CFH368 CFH3.2 kW·h72 GPM13 ft 3 in

XH-100010000 SCFH1160 CFH455 CFH5 kW·h90 GPM13 ft 3 in

XH-150015000 SCFH1740 CFH690 CFH7 kW·h135 GPM13 ft 9 in

XH-200020000 SCFH2320 CFH920 CFH7 kW·h180 GPM14 ft 4 in

XH-300030000 SCFH3480 CFH1380 CFH12 kW·h270 GPM17 ft 0 in

XH-400040000 SCFH4650 CFH1835 CFH20 kW·h360 GPM19 ft 7 in