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Recommended Replacement Parts

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Are you ready to take control of your hot metal handling equipment? The economy is on the rise, furnaces are kicking into high gear with more molten volume. It is time to evaluate your parts needs to keep your new and existing ladle equipment working properly. Modern Equipment Company is ready to help with all equipment and spare parts.

Most gearing parts and bearings are in stock allowing fast order turnaround. Need a recommended parts list for your ladle models? Contact us at

The following information will help us determine the exact parts required for your ladle:
  1. Gearing serial number(see picture at right for location)
  2. Ladle assembly number
  3. Your purchase order number.
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5110-5016-3Gearing and Ladle Parts - "A" Gearing

5230-5215-3Gearing and Ladle Parts - "C" Gearing

5440-5030-3Gearing and Ladle Parts - "D" Gearing

5520-5001-3Gearing and Ladle Parts - "E" Gearing