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Heavy-Duty Geared Ladles

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Six Sizes of Powerful Ladle Gearings to Power and Control your Modern Ladles

For the tilting and pouring of metal loads that range beyond the free, easy control of hand shanks there are MODERN, highly developed gearings.

All six sizes of gearing are secured to the hub of the worm wheel shaft and to the bail frame in a manner that causes all gearing weight to be transmitted into the bail frame and up to the Pouring Device, crane or hoist. The ladle bowl and shank ring are effectively relieved of gearing weight.

Trunnion housings, with their grease fittings, fully enclose the anti-friction bearings.

Gearings are fully enclosed in the gear housings.

Various sizes of hand wheels are available to reduce hand-wheel forces required by the operator. Motor drives are available for all of our gearing sizes.

In the following pages there are described geared ladles in many types and sizes to meet a wide range of metal pouring requirements.

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Item # Type of Gearing Standard Wheel Diameter Torque Value Over-All Gearing Length (L Trunnion Stubs Diameter (V) C/L Trunnion C/L Handwheel Horizontal (W)

A-18A18 in1633 in·lb10-7/8 in5 in5-3/4 in

C-24C24 in3585 in·lb12-5/8 in6-1/2 in7-1/2 in

D-28D28 in11034 in·lb18 in8 in9-1/4 in

E-36E36 in15774 in·lb19-1/2 in10 in10-1/4 in

F-36F36 in22280 in·lb21 in12-1/4 in11-3/4 in

G-48G48 in56526 in·lb21-1/2 in20-1/4 in16-1/4 in