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Modern Jet Melters - AL Series

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High Efficiency Aluminum Melting
Leading the Industry in Tower Melt Technology

Model JM-17000
Melt Rate17,000 lb/hr
Capacity40,000 lb
Dimension AN/A
Dimension BN/A
Dimension CN/A
Energy EfficiencyN/A
Temperature Control

Key Features

  • Compact Size
  • Technical Support
  • Off-the-shelf spare parts
  • PLC/HMI Operator Controls
  • Dip well or gravity tap
  • Self-recuperation for maximum efficiency
  • Automated charging system
  • FM & IRI approved gas trains
  • Blower inlet filter/silencer
  • Pump well
  • Oxide resistant refractory materials


All dimensions are approximate. Dimension ā€œCā€ is based on a 40ā€ tap height. Other tap heights are available as well as higher melt rates. Platforms and charging equipment are not included in the dimensions given.